About Us

If you live on Island, you will likely be familiar with our surgeons. Rebranded in 2022 as Island Orthopaedics, our team is the same group who have been helping Caymanians for decades.

Published Research Papers

Expert Staff

Our surgeons help set the global standard in orthopaedic care with their internationally recognised research. Combined, they have published more than 200 studies meaning they influence decision making for how all orthopaedics surgeons approach patient care.

All of our surgeons are fellowship-trained and faculty at premier medical schools in Canada. They’re experts in the treatment of sports injuries, trauma, paediatric orthopaedic issues and osteoarthritic concerns.

Our group will work with you through the entire treatment process to ensure you’re educated and feel confident with whatever treatment you choose.

Why Choose Us?

Rebranded in 2022, we have been collectively serving the Cayman population for over 20 years

High Quality and Convenient MRI Access

in partnership with Cayman Medical

Unmatched Expertise

World thought leaders in Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Foot & Ankle

Positive, Long Term Results

20 Years of Surgical Experience and Outcomes

Qualified Staff

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Fellows

Lead Surgical Team

Pervez Ali, MD FRCSC

University of Toronto
McMaster University

– Hip Arthroplasty
– Knee Arthroplasty

Krishan Rajaratnam, MD FSCRC

Assistant Professor, McMaster University

– Upper Extremity
– Trauma & Joint Replacement

Femi Ayeni, MD FRCSC

Professor, McMaster University

– Hip, Shoulder & Knee Arthroscopy
– Trauma

Frank Tran, MD FRCSC

University of Toronto

– Knee Arthroscopic & Reconstructive Surgery
– Sports Medicine

Brad Petrisor, MD FRCSC

Professor, McMaster University

– Foot & Ankle Reconstruction
– Trauma

Ivan Wong, MD FRCSC

Professor, Dalhousie University

– Hip, Shoulder & Knee Arthroscopy
– Trauma

Support Team

Fay Campbell Frederick, RN


– Practice Manager

"My knee got hurt while training for a race. I saw Dr. Ali who got me back on my bike after a successful knee arthroscopy"

Ethan Shaw, Google Review

"My shoulder was injured playing rugby. Dr. Rajaratnam diagnosed the problem with an immediate MRI and had me into surgery within the week."

Liam Parsons, Google Review